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4747 W 48th St
Fremont MI, 49412
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8:00am - 6:00pm

(231) 924-8872

Computer Repair:
$40 hourly
(Billed by 1/2 hour)

$45 768 Kbps
$55 1.5 Mbps
$65 3 Mbps
$75 6 Mbps
$85 10 Mbps
$95 20 Mbps

$5 for 10 hours
$10 for 25 hours
$20 for Unlimited
$13 for Unlimited
(with annual purchase)

Web/Email Hosting
$20 per month

NCATS Broadband Internet

Click image for full size. (Coverage area calculated. Additional coverage outside of shaded areas are possible by use of residential tower.)

NCATS Wireless Broadband is now available to all elegible subscribers in Fremont, Grant, Hesperia, Newaygo, and White Cloud. We are building an educational network for the purpose of providing technology to Newaygo County residents for the benefit of educational and community connectivity.

If you would like us to verify if you are able to receive wireless Internet, please contact us at or (231) 924-8872 and provide your name, address, and telephone number. After receiving your request, we will schedule a site survey crew to stop at your residence or business to perform some quick tests.

Advantages of NCATS Broadband Wireless Internet

  • Increased Speed Wireless internet is capable of speeds over 100 times faster than dial-up.

  • Scalable bandwidth. No need to purchase additional equipment after your initial purchase for higher speed connections. Simply change your rate plan over the phone or on-line and see the difference immediately.

  • No Contractual Obligation. Subscribers are free to cancel or change service providers at any time without penalty.

  • No hidden Fees. If you choose our $45 plan your bill will be $45 and doesn't change.

  • Support Staff. NCATS is locally operated and community owned with expert personnel ready to respond to issues in a timely manner. Our office is open to walk-ins.

Service Plans

    Standard installation with leased hardware:
    (commercial rates available upon request)
    Download Speed Installation Service Lease Monthly
    768Kbps(Residential) $100 $35 $10 $45
    1.5Mbps(Residential) $100 $45 $10 $55
    3.0Mbps(Residential) $100 $55 $10 $65
    6.0Mbps(Residential) $100 $65 $10 $75
    10.0Mbps(Residential) $100 $75 $10 $85
    20.0Mbps(Residential) $100 $85 $10 $95

    Standard installation includes antenna, cabling, Internet radio, and setup of a single computer or router. All site hardware will remain the property of NCATS. NCATS will assume responsibility for normal wear and tear, equipment malfunction, and shall service radios free of charge.

    6Mbps and 10Mbps plans limited to line-of-site services.

    2.4 Ghz service limited to 2.5Mbps upload. 900 MHz service limited to 768Kbps upload.

    Conection sharing beyond the individual or organization purchasing service is strictly prohibited.

    Users with multiple computers will require a firewall or cable/dsl router. Equipment may be purchased seperately or subscriber may request NCATS supply a router at time of install.

About NCATS Broadband:

NCATS is pleased to offer the first local high-speed wireless Internet access for Newaygo County.

900 MHz Antenna Wireless Internet uses high frequency radio waves to communcate Internet data between radio devices. subscribers require a small Internet radio and antenna installed at their home, which in turn connects to their computer offering always-on, high-speed Internet access.

NCATS Wireless Broadband was implemented due to a growing demand for broadband service in Newaygo County. Due to the existing limitations of standard technologies such as DSL or Cable, Wireless Internet has become a community project to offer low latency, high throughput resources to those homes and businesses outside the reach of traditional services.

Newaygo County Advanced Technology Services - 4747 W. 48th St. Fremont MI 49412 - (231) 924-8872