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An Educational Telecommunications Network of the NC RESA
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4747 W 48th St
Fremont MI, 49412
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8:00am - 6:00pm

(231) 924-8872

NCATS Expanding Broadband Network December 11, 2015

Please contact NCATS at 924-8872 or send us an email to with your name, address, and phone number. Technicians will perform a free survey to determine eligibilty.

NCATS Broadband Advantages April 13, 2015

NCATS is a self-funded public network, paid for by its subscribed members. It is locally owned and operated by Newaygo County for Newaygo County to promote education and employment in our Newaygo County community.

  • Faster Speeds and Lower Latency!
  • No Data Caps!
  • No Contracts or Termination Fees!
  • Onsite Support and Accessible Staff!

Newaygo County Advanced Technology Services - 4747 W. 48th St. Fremont MI 49412 - (231) 924-8872